Message from the President

Enriching both "Human Life" and "Global Environment"

The economy and industrial structures have been drastically changing in the era of "Disruption", radical changing period once in a hundred years.

The social responsibility that companies fulfill to realize a sustainable society represented by the SDGs will grow even greater in the future.

Our products, Lithium-Ion capacitors (LiC) are used for rapid charge / discharge, energy regeneration, peak assist, etc., which will save power and make effective use of energy. We aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through providing energy solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

We strive to work with all employees to provide "Value" that will delight all stakeholders.

We look forward to your continuous encouledgment.

Thank you.

CEO, Kouji Takahashi

High Power, Long Life, High Safety Lithium Ion Capacitor

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