[Data Centers] Measures against instantaneous voltage sags and power outages

[Data Centers] Measures against instantaneous lows and power outages

Target Industry

  • 【Information and Communication】Data center, Wireless base station

Background and Challenges

In recent years, which has long been called the information revolution, with the evolution of global cloud network technology and the dramatic increase in digital content, the digitization of society has progressed at a stretch, and the amount of data distributed has increased enormously, as it is called big data. And, the expansion of data centers to make effective use of it is progressing worldwide.

Global Data Center Sales Trends and Forecasts (By Category)

Quote:Global Data Center Sales Trends and Forecasts (By Category)

Especially in Japan, where there are many disasters, a backup power supply called an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which is a device that supplies power to PCs and servers in the event of a power outage, is essential for the data center, which is a lifeline in the event of a natural disaster.

Until now, lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries have been the mainstream power sources for this UPS. On the other hand, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) equipped with lead batteries and lithium-ion batteries require regular maintenance and need to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Technical Advantages of Lithium-ion Capacitors (LIC)

As energy storage device at data centers, the following features are seriously concerned.
Lithium-ion capacitors have the characteristic of being able to solve these problems.

Long Life

  • Expected life time of 15 years.

High Operating Voltage

  • The upper limit voltage of LIC is 3.8V, which is higher than the one in EDLC (2.7V), allows to make the same voltage Energy Storage System(ESS) with small cell count. This fact is also realize to reduce the size and weight of the ESS.

High Energy Density

  • LIC can realize electricity compensation ranging from several ten seconds to a few minutes with its high energy density comparing with EDLC. This feature also makes possible to realize "System switching without instantaneous power interruption" and "construction of an interconnected system with an emergency generator".

Energy Storage Device Comparison

Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) Lead-acid Battery
Energy density

High Power, Long Life, High Safety Lithium Ion Capacitor

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