Prismatic Cell

We adopted the world's first prismatic type as a lithium ion capacitor.Excellent robustness, we offer products with higher heat dissipation efficiency and mountability than ordinary cylindrical type.

    • High operating voltage (3.8 V)
    • High output (~1200 A chargeable / dischargeable)
    • High energy density (~20wh / L)
    • Rapid charging / discharging due to large current (100 A or more)
    • High durability (over 1 million cycles)
    • Wide range of operating temperature (-30℃ to 70℃)
    • High safety (no thermal runaway of the positive electrode)
  • Minimal self-discharge (voltage drop at 10,000 hours is less than 5%)

Cell representative characteristic value

Prismatic Conditions
Rated Voltage 3.8V〜2.2V
Initial characteristics Capacitance 2300F 3300F Ambient temperature:25℃
Discharge current at:10A
DC-IR 0.7mΩ *1 1.0mΩ *2 Ambient temperature:25℃
Discharge current at:100A
Gravinetric energy density 8Wh/kg 14Wh/kg
Volumetric energy density 14Wh/L 20Wh/L
Gravinetric power density 8kW/kg 8kW/kg With maximum discharge current
Volumetric power density 14kW/L 12kW/L With maximum discharge current
Maximum discharge current 1200A 1100A Discharge current can be continue for 1 second
Temperature characteristics Lowest temperature in the temperature range 70% 75% Discharge current at:10A
Highest temperature in the temperature range 100% 100% Discharge current at:10A
Self discharge Voltage drop after10,000h stored <5% <5% Ambient temperature:25℃
Initial voltage:3.0V
Cycle durability Cycle counts required to 80%
capacitance retention
> 1,000,000
> 500,000
Ambient temperature:25℃
Cycling current:200A
Condition: Constant current, continuous
Operating temperature range −30℃〜70℃ −30℃〜70℃
Dimentions in mm 150.2×93.2×15.8 150.2×93.2×15.8 Without terminal tabs and fixing studs
Weight 0.36kg 0.32kg

These values ​​are representative values ​​and may be changed without notice.

Safety Test Cycle Test Float Test Storage Test Self-discharge Test

High Power, Long Life, High Safety Lithium Ion Capacitor

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