Laminated Cell Module

  • High capacity / high power cells are arranged in series (4 cells / 8 cells / 12 cells)
  • Correspondence up to 500 V with series connection of up to 12 units
  • Correspond to large current by multiple parallel connections
  • Charging and discharging by large current is possible (Maximum charging / discharging current 500 A or more)
  • High reliability, high durability, high safety
  • Automatic cell voltage equalization function (between cells in a module, between modules)
  • No external control power source required
  • Low power consumption 20 μA or less (standby)

Connection example

Example (1 to 4 modules in series)

Example (more than 5 modules in series)

Main characteristics

Model name Cell-type Cell count Voltage ratings
Dimensions in mm Weight
MLB15G275□ Laminate 1100F 4 8.8〜15.2 275 6 152 105 267 3
MLB30G138□ 8 17.6〜30.4 138 12 152 142 267 4
MLB45G92□ 12 26.4〜45.6 92 17 152 180 267 5
□:An alphabet discribes cell type


Charge/discharge current 60A (continuous) Ambient temperature at 25℃ 2300F unforced cooling.
Maximum charge/discharge current more than 500A (< 5 seconds) Depends on using conditions. Please consult us.
Power consumption Less than 20μA Under sleep condition.
Maximum module count in series Up to 12 modules (maximum limit at 500V) A master controller required for 5〜12 modules in series connection.
Environmental conditions Operating temperature range −30℃ 〜 70℃ (at cells) Depends on usage. Please consult us.
Storage temperature range −40℃ 〜 80℃ (recommended to be between 0℃ and 35℃) Accelerated deterioration at higher temperature.
Specified relative humidity range 20%Rh 〜 90%Rh (No dew condensation)
Insulation voltage AC2000V 50Hz 1 minute
Balancing scheme Resistive discharge


Cell monitor Each cell voltages
Cell temperature (at the center of a module)
Automatic voltage balancing Cell voltage balancing
Inter-module voltage balancing
Information communication Module voltages and temperatures are available via
CAN communication when a master controller in use
Detection of abnormality Signal output Over charge alarm
Over discharge alarm
Temperature alarm
Error output(Simultaneous issueing of above alarms)
Control inputs WakeUp request

High Power, Long Life, High Safety Lithium Ion Capacitor

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