Lithium Ion Capacitor Applications and Use Cases

Lithium-ion capacitors are energy storage devices that have both high energy density and high output density, and can be charged and discharged with a large current. While ensuring even higher safety, it has excellent repetitive charge / discharge characteristics, small self-discharge, and a wide operating temperature range. The following are typical application examples that take advantage of these characteristics.

Measures against instantaneous voltage sags and power outages in semiconductor manufacturing plants

Target Industry:

  • 【Manufacturing】Electrical / Electronic devices / Semiconductors
  • 【Manufacturing】Automobiles / Transportation equipment
  • 【Manufacturing】Food / Medicine / Cosmetics

Measures against instantaneous voltage sags and power outages in data centers

Target Industry:

  • 【Information and Communication】Data center, Wireless base station

Tram without overhead line

Target Industry:

  • 【Traffic】Railroad / Tram / Bus

Auxiliary power supply in fuel cell vehicles

Target Industry:

  • 【Manufacturing】Automobiles
  • 【Traffic】Railroad / Tram / Bus
  • 【Power Supply】Fuel cell / Power supply system

Auxiliary power supply for fuel cell forklifts

Target Industry:

  • 【Manufacturing】Forklift / Construction machinery
  • 【Transportation】Logistics / Warehousing

Auxiliary power supply for fuel cell construction machinery

Target Industry:

  • 【Construction】Construction / Plant / Equipment work
  • 【Civil Engineering】Agriculture / Mining

Wheelchair-mounted batteries for medical and long-term care

Target Industry:

  • 【Manufacturing】Mobility scooter, wheelchair maker
  • 【Manufacturing】Nursing bed maker

Utilization for SDV / AGV that handle heavy objects and require 24-hour operation

Target Industry:

  • 【Manufacturing】Automobiles, Electronic devices, Construction machinery, Lifestyle-related manufacturing
  • 【Robot Maker】Industrial robot maker / Transfer robot maker
  • 【Service】Tourism, Hotels and Restaurants, Retails, Shopping centers
  • 【Logistics】Delivery, Warehousing, Distribution centers
  • 【Medical Care】Welfare equipment, Hospitals, Wheelchair maker
  • 【Other】Robot SIer company

Utilization in small autonomous bus mobility

Target Industry:

  • 【Research】Research institute, University
  • 【Manufacturing】Automobiles, Transportation equipment
  • 【Tourism】Bus operating company, Airport operating company

Effective utilization of regenerative energy in railways and subways

Target Industry:

  • 【Manufacturing】Railroad / Subway vehicle manufacturer
  • 【Manufacturing】Tram maker, Car maker
  • 【Manufacturing】Elevator manufacturer

High Power, Long Life, High Safety Lithium Ion Capacitor

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