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Musashi Energy Solutions announces website renewal.

Musashi Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitamori City, Yamanashi Prefecture, President: Koji Takahashi, President: Hiroshi Otsuka, hereinafter Musashi), a group company of Musashi Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Musashi Energy Solutions) is pleased to announce that the website has been renewed.

Musashi Energy Solutions Web site:

In addition to the features of the lithium-ion capacitor (LIC), which is Musashi Energy Solutions' main product, we are further enhancing the content related to the introduction of renewable energy such as applications and application examples, and the problems and solutions of the carbon-free society.

As a leading company of lithium-ion capacitors, we will continue to provide information that can only be obtained here, such as product information, blog articles, and comparisons with other power storage devices.

[About Musashi Energy Solutions]
Musashi Energy Solutions is a pioneer in the world's first mass production of lithium-ion capacitors (LIC). LIC has features such as high output, long life, and high safety, and is making a leap toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society where the electrification of mobility such as motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles and the promotion of renewable energy utilization are required. Is a sustainable energy device that is expected.

[About Musashi]
Musashi Seimitsu Industry develops / manufactures / sells next-generation powertrains, steering and chassis parts for automobiles / motorcycles with a view to electrification and autonomous driving. We are also focusing on creating and expanding new businesses through the development of open innovation, such as the promotion of Industry 4.0 through the development of advanced AI technology, the energy solution business to contribute to the achievement of SDGs in a wide range of fields, and the agriculture and plant biotechnology businesses. increase.
Musashi Web Site:

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